Gia Viviana Dimicova

Gia Viviana Dimicova LLC is not just the Miami-based designer's business; it’s a way of life. Step into her world and every element is catwalk-worthy — from sexy black dresses to the attitude required for wearing them.

As a European fashion designer based in Miami, Gia Viviana Dimicova intertwines avant-garde styles of the 15th century with the modern edge of Miami’s trendy female persona.

The Brand

Shop her latest collection or, if you’re lucky enough, catch one of Dimicova’s shows. Watching her models strut down the runway is watching her philosophy incarnate — a bold, unapologetic definition of female empowerment. Her edgy pieces are likely to be comprised of classic materials that make up a figurative DNA. Viviana Dimicova’s clothing commonly features:

  • Lambskin leather for romance with a soft yet masculine touch;
  • Figure-flattering corsets and ruched detailing to accentuate the natural curve of a woman;
  • Beautifully juxtaposed leather and lace details that scream "empowered femininity";
  • Tulle embellishments that stand alone as a statement piece or focal point of any evening ensemble;
  • Dramatic neck and shoulder lines to take any outfit from catwalk to sidewalk.

Visit Gia Viviana Dimicova’s gallery for a glimpse at the curious magic she brings to the Miami runway in an unlikely marriage of hypnotic empowerment and soft vulnerability.

The Vision

To wear a Viviana piece is to own the power of your dreams, whether it’s as simple as gender, body or sex positivity or as complex as your entire life’s destiny. If the artist herself proclaims that her darkest, rawest parts of her life act as a muse, so should the collector feel inspired by Dimicova’s signature style. With fashion as an art form, there needn’t be a reason to flaunt your inner-goddess in a floor-length dress or leather corset. Every moment is a special occasion; every scene, a gala. Bravery is a state of mind that must be nourished daily through creative expression along with your thoughts, words and actions. Dimicova’s art can guide your most important transition.

For a glimpse into the world of Gia Viviana Dimicova and her journey to become an international brand name, visit her social media pages. You’ll be the first to catch a glimpse of her latest collection or one of her many NYC/Miami appearances. Get your hands on one of her exclusive designs or subdued daily pieces and the experience will be the same — an instant connection to your passionate authentic self.