Gia Viviana Dimicova

Fashion Designer and Creative Director
at Gia Viviana Dimicova, LLC

Gia Viviana Dimicova, Slovak fashion designer, knows how to push fashion's limits to unknown extremes. Executing and presenting shows that have designs and prints with equal inspiration from life, surprises, emotional power, dreams, meaningful messages, old scenes from history, raw energy and beyond. Throughout her childhood, Gia often used to design dresses for one of her favorite films: The Neverending Story (1984). Gia dreamed of becoming a designer someday because of the fantasy, drama film that she feels has such an inspirational and beautiful ending. Gia is bringing extravagance in the form of art to the catwalk in fashion industry. Contrasting elements like fragility and strength, tradition and culture. The skills she began to learn at the young age of 5 in music and art school where she graduated at the age of 16, studying piano and classical music helped to build the foundation that allows her to create feelings and transform the art of making clothing into the magic that is… Gia’s world.

Continuously, she studied ballet, fashion, and architecture in clothing and graduated from St. Elizabeth College of Health and Social Work in Europe with a major in Missions and Charities. Having pursued her college career at the Miami International University of Art & Design in Miami, FL. USA and graduating with a degree in Fashion Design, Gia was always inspired by theatrical costuming and had learned technics from masters in the craft of fashion.

Adding to her list of accolades, Gia has been featured as an inspiring and successful alumni of her alma mater taking on interns from her school to provide hands on experience to students. To this day Gia continues to be a continual member of several charitable causes and support relationships with local organizations such as the GLBTQ Alliance of Miami, the American Cancer Society, and Save the Children through hosting events that raise awareness and funds for these causes. Gia offers these organizations her talents in art, design, event planning, health, and education. Currently, she has designed a garment specifically for Save the Children. The proceeds from all sales will go directly to aiding children in need with important resources, like building much needed hospitals and schools.

Gia has many many achievements and continues to pave the way for emerging artists. Gia was featured in British Vogue twice! In the last year Gia was granted the honor of presenting her designs for Autumn/Winter 2016 in London Fashion week 2015 With such a huge accomplishment in her professional career she worked diligently and was invited back to London to feature her Spring/Summer 2017 collection. This November of 2016 she has also been exclusively invited to open the Miami Funkshion fashion show taking place in Miami, FL. With a global presence Gia’s world in 2017 has more in store for this unique and creative designer including showrooms opening in New York and Los Angeles to add to her Miami and London showrooms. We welcome you to Gia’s world on